Matching Savers to Property Developers


Savers Lenders

Are you fed up with bank deposit rates?

Want to earn an annualised return of 10%?

Require asset backed security for your savings?



Turned down for funding by the banks?

Require funding for your development?

Require an efficient funding process?

About PDFMatch …

About Property Development Funding Match

Pdfmatch creates a market place to allow individuals and companies to lend directly to property developers. Loans are secured by the value of the development. The model provides benefits to the savers and the property developers:

Savers achieve net annual returns of 10% on their money compared to current bank saving rates of approximately 2.5%. The loans are limited to 55% of the Gross Development Value of the scheme and are secured by a first charge over the entire development.

Developers have an alternative route to finance other than the banks at a time when bank lending for projects less than £1 million in value has become extremely scarce.